We all want our rooms to be neat and beautifully organized, no one wants their tastefully decorated room to look like a warehouse, so what should we do? Cute and practical storage is the answer. This fun crochet basket craft project allows you to make quaint baskets of various designs that will give you the extra space storage you need.


2 T-Shirts (reuse old t-shirt or get new ones)
Crochet Hooks (#6)
Measuring Board or Ruler


    1. Lay the shirts flat, remove any tags and cut across the shirt right below the sleeve area, also cut off the bottom seam.
    2. Fold the shirt, seam to seam, but not right on top of each other – leave a 2-inch margin.
    3. Place the shirt on a measuring board (or use a ruler), use a pen to mark every 1-inch of the shirt along the folded line and along the seam of the top flap.
    4. Use scissors to cut along the marking to create 1-inch strips but make sure you don’t cut past the 2-inch margin.
    5. Spread open the shirt, use a pen to make diagonal lines across the uncut area, doing so will help produce longer yarn.
    6. Cut along the diagonal lines, then stretch each strip.
    7. Make a slip knot on the crochet hook, then crochet 5 times to create a chain. *If you do not know how to crochet, please check out the full video tutorial below for detailed instructions.
    8. Insert the hook through the first chain and crochet a slip-stitch, it will form a small circle.
    9. Crochet 5 times from the center of the circle, then crochet 2 times from a single stitch throughout the base of the basket, continue crocheting the base until it becomes big enough for the size of the basket you wish to make.
    10. Crochet one stitch down from the inner loop and start crocheting once from each stitch instead of crocheting 2 times from a single stitch, you will notice the sides of the basket rising from the first circle.
    11. After the first circle, continue crocheting from both the stitches again until the sides of the basket are around 5 inches high (or to your desired height).
    12. Now you will make the basket handles, start by making a chain of 5 stitches, insert your hook into the 6th stitch and crochet as usual.
    13. Repeat the same process for the opposite side, then crochet one more circle to complete the basket. To finish off the basket, just put a slip stitch and pull out the leftover yarn.
    14. Cut off extra yarn, flip the basket inside out and it’s done!
DIY Crochet Extra Space Storage
Cut off extra yarn, flip the basket inside out and it’s done

Once you’ve learned the versatile art of crocheting, you will never go back to using those dreary plastic storage boxes again. Not only can these charming baskets provide extra space storage your belongings, it also brings a subtle touch of elegance to your room.


Video Tutorial


Follow our video tutorial above and check out our end results!
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