As girls we like everything to be pretty, our beauty products are no exception, aside from making us more beautiful our cosmetics should also have an aesthetically appealing appearance. These two creative DIY makeup ideas “ Beauty and the Beast” enchanted rose blush and rose blush petals will bring magic to your ordinary products and make you feel like the princess that you are!

Romantic Rose Petal Blush


1-2 Plates
1 Scissor
1 Airtight Container
1 Fine Paint Brush
1 Small Glass Bowl
1 Artificial Flower (Preferably white)
Paper Towels
Cotton Swab
Powdered Blush
Wax Paper



  1. Cut off the stem from the artificial flower and remove the petals layer by layer.rose
  2. Use the scissors to cut petals into individual pieces and rinse in water to clean, remove the petals.ROSE
  3. Place the petals over a piece of paper towel, take another sheet of paper towel and press against each petal to dry.ROSE
  4. Use a cotton swab to scrape out 6 tbsp of blush into the glass bowl.rose
  5. Add in 3-4 tbsp of essence into the blush and mix until it forms a thick paste.ROSE
  6. Take a petal and place it over a sheet of wax paper. Dip the brush into the blush mixture and apply a generous coating on both sides of the petal.rose
  7. Place the petal over a clean plate to dry for 20 minutes. Repeat step 4 until you have about 20 painted petals.rose
  8. Store the dried blush petals in an airtight container. To apply, gently dab your makeup brush over the petals and brush over your cheeks.rose

Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose Blush


1 Artificial Rose (Preferably red)
1 Glass Cloche with Wooden Base
1 Electric Drill
1 Long Metal Screw
1 Hammer
1 Hot Glue Gun
1 Glue Pen
1 Fine Paint Brush
Cotton Swab
Fine Glitter (Silver)
Rubbing Alcohol
Powdered Blush



    1. Take the cloche and separate the glass dome from the wooden base, use the glue pen to draw long strands of leaf designs over the glass dome and pour glitter over those areas.ROSE
    2. Shake off excess glitter and brush over the glass to fully reveal the designs.rose
    3. Use a cotton swab to scrape out 3 tbsp of blush into the glass bowl, add in 2 tbsp of alcohol and mix until it forms a thick paste.rose
    4. Take a rose flower and peel back as many layers of petals as possible, dip a brush in the blush mixture, and starting from the innermost layer, apply a generous coating of the blush mixture onto each flower petal.rose
    5. Keep painting until you’re done with the entire flower and leave the rose to dry for 20 minutes.rose
    6. Flip the wooden base to its backside and mark a dot at its center.rose
    7. Take the screw and place its tip on the center dot, lightly pound the screw with the hammer to affix it on the base.rose
    8. Use the electric drill to drill the entire screw through the base.rose
    9. Place the base with the screw side up, take the rose from step 3 and use the hot glue gun to attach its bottom stem on the screw.rose
    10. Pour a generous amount of glitter over the glue to cover. Shake off excess glitter, use a brush if necessary.ROSE
    11. Place a few loose petals over the base and cover with the glass dome.rose
    12. You can present this as an exquisite handmade present or keep it for yourself so you can display it in your room as a beautiful piece of ornament and apply it on your gorgeous cheeks as well!rose


Video Tutorial


Follow our video tutorial above and check out our end results!
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