Detox mind and body

If you think detoxing is merely drinking smoothies and eating vegetables, you’re only partially correct because there is more to detoxing than you think. Detox means that one rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances, so theoretically this means we’re able to apply this to the body, skin, and mind! We’re going to share our favorite tips below!

Detox the Skin

Detoxing the skin involves clearing out the dirt, grime, and oils that have built up over the week. If you exercise, sweat can also build and sit in your pores causing breakouts so at least once a week, try these methods of skin detoxing!

Facial Steaming

face steaming

Create a mini-home sauna in the comfort of your bathroom! Face steaming helps open up the pores and soften the surface layer of your skin to help release dirt, grime, and oil. Additional benefits to face steaming include enhanced circulation, relaxation, and increased endorphins.

Here’s what you do:

  • Clean your sink making sure it’s spotless and clean, then run the water until it gets hot
  • Plug up the drain and allow the hot water to fill up the sink halfway up, or take boiling hot water and fill up the sink
  • Take a towel (enough to completely cover your head) and drape over the sink so that the steam from the hot water doesn’t escape
  • Hover your head over the sink 20 centimeters away from the water and allow the steam to penetrate deep into your pores for five to ten minutes
  • Allow some steam to escape from the towel if you feel it’s getting a little too stuffy in there (it shouldn’t be uncomfortable)

Hot Showers

Although it may feel like bliss during the winters, did you know that taking very hot showers will dry out your skin?

Everyone has a personal preference to the temperature of water when showering, but lingering in hot temperatures can strip the body’s natural oils and dry out the skin which can make the skin more prone to acne.


  • Adjust the temperature of your shower or limiting the time for your hot shower
  • Dry yourself and try applying body lotion immediately after to seal in moisture as your pores are open and will absorb more deeply into the skin. We love to use Aveeno’s Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion after showering for hydrated skin.
  • Finish your showers with cold water for healthier and shinier hair as the cold water seals the hair cuticles.

Triple Masking

Triple masking involves using three types of face masks consecutively for a deep cleanse, tightening of pores and what should be left in the end is a glowy, soft, and supple face.

Here’s what you do:

Exfoliating Mask

herbivore blue tansy
We love the Herbivore exfoliating mask as it contains AHA and BHA to gently buff away the dead skin sitting on the surface of your skin, which is the main reasons of breakouts.

Mud Mask

Get deep down into the pores and extract all the dirt and oil still hiding out under the skin with a mud mask. Mud masks draw out oils in the pores and this Glam Glow Super-Mud Clearing Treatment is one of our personal favorites.

Hydrating Mask

bombee honey mask
Now that all the nasties and gunk has been lifted off our face, we want to go in and put moisture back into the skin. Depending on what you have, you can pop on your favorite mask, we love Papa Recipe’s Bombee Honey Face sheet masks for soft, supple, and baby skin!

Detox the Body

What does it mean to detox the body?

With all the healthy food trends out there, we most likely heard of detoxing the body by eating superfoods and vegetable blends. When we detox our body, we are supporting our body’s own natural toxin-eliminating processes through our liver and the kidneys. To help detox the body, we give them nutrients and supplements to essentially strengthen these functions.

Working Out

Sweating is the most natural and effective way of detoxifying the body through the pores. A good workout is all we need to activate these pores.

After your sweaty workout makes sure to rinse your body immediately to wash away the salts and toxins that sit on top of your skin. Otherwise, your body will re-absorb the toxins back into your skin and create a breeding ground for bacteria and acne.

Detox the Mind

What does it mean to detox the mind?

Every day we’re exposed to hundreds of visual cues, smells, and thoughts that can too easily clutter the mind. When we detox our minds, we learn to let go of the day’s events to leave us feeling more relaxed, balanced, and decluttered. Here are some ways you can try freeing the mind of toxic thoughts.



Journaling helps achieve a clearer mind and practicing gratitude helps remove our notions and narratives about our reality and the world around us that may not be beneficial to our growth.

Try spending a few minutes in the morning and at night to write down three things you are grateful for no matter how big or small, and three amazing moments that happened in your life. This will help you create habits on seeing the positive aspects of your day, rather than focusing only on the negatives.

By practicing gratitude by writing a few positive things in your journal, you are not only combating negative emotions, but you are also becoming more mindful of your thoughts and learning how to make peace with yourself and the situations you find yourself in.

If you are in need of a journal to get started, we love using the Five Minute Journal.

Content Management

Another way to detox the mind is to be aware of how you spend your time by filtering what you listen to, watch or read.

The content we consume, the music we listen to, the articles we read, and the movies and shows we watch all affect us more than we like to think.

A way of limiting our consumption is to leave all electronic devices on ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode, to minimize distractions and limit the time we spend scrolling mindlessly through social media.


As a challenge, try sitting in a double lotus position to meditate!

Practicing meditation helps to empty your mind and allows you to have a calmer and clearer mind. Meditation helps you take yourself away from the situation and help you see things clearer by discovering things from a different angle.

Many people meditate by sitting with their legs crossed, but if you’re willing to challenge yourself, try sitting at a double-lotus position. You can do this by sitting with both legs folded up and on top of each other. Sit with your eyes closed and focus on clearing your mind of all negative thoughts and energy. It’s perfectly normal for thoughts to pop up, but the key is to not let it affect you and let them come and go like waves.

Meditating on a daily basis will not only improve your energy levels, but it will also improve the way you think, your productivity, and helps you become a happier or better person.

These are just some of our favorite tips to adopt when we’re feeling a little cluttered in the mind and congested on the skin. Now that you know these little tips, you’re ready to take on each day and each situation effectively and positively!

For more tips to detox the skin, mind, and body, check out our full video: How To Detox Your Skin, Body & Mind 🌿 Self Care for A Happier You