7 Cool Food You Haven’t Heard Of But NEED To Try This Summer


7. Patbingsu (Korea)

A highly popular snack in South Korea, this sweet shaved ice concoction is served with a variety of toppings including chopped fruit, condensed milk, fruit syrup, rice cake pieces, and of course—red bean paste (the pat in Patbingsu). But the ingredients don’t stop there—you can find nuts, cereal, fruit cocktails, whipped cream, maraschino cherries, and even a scoop of ice cream (or frozen yogurt) in different flavors along with your bowl of shaved ice (bingsu). With this many toppings, you might as well bring a friend along with you to share the dessert. Just make sure to finish it before the bingsu melts!


As summer approaches quickly, cool and refreshing foods are often craved to combat the heat. While ice cream and cold drinks are frequently consumed to cool down, they are neither satisfying nor nutritious enough to help sustain you throughout the day.

For those who are seeking for variety, why don’t you use this summer to try out some of these different, yet interesting treats?