Cart full. Ready to pay. Sees shipping fee: $5.99.

*close tab*

Am I right?!

Sometimes we don’t realize how stingy we can be until things like shipping costs rear it’s ugly head. But on top of that, sometimes it just feels wrong to buy items full priced knowing full well it’s totally not worth the retail price… Or is it… Gah, self-control!

To save you guys the trouble of wasting away and waiting around for sales to come to you, I’m going to share my simplest online shopping tips and tools! You might not know it (yet), but there are a bunch of different plug-ins and apps now that are also on your side when it comes to saving your hard earned pennies for a sunnier day. So let’s see how!


Shoptagr is a mobile and desktop app that I’ve recently discovered. It’s a really useful tool if you find yourself in-store or browsing online and you see something super cute, but can’t justify buying it… yet.

Think of it as a fairy godmother-esque wishlist that grants you two wishes:

  • Notifies you when an item you’ve placed in there goes on sale (very helpful if you’re shopping for an event ahead of time or even getting ahead in the season)
  • Notifies you when an item you wanted that was previously out of stock comes back in stock.

Wish granted.

Apart from that it also acts as a feed where you can remember all the things that you want but can’t have, all in one place. Cry.

Here’s a peep into mine, for all you nosey people.

Shoptagr feed with saved items

So it will be there on a rainy day when you feel like shopping again. To remind you of all the things that you want but can’t have, but hopefully, it’ll be on saaaalllle!


This is like shopping with a sale on all the time. It’s a cash back service and how it works is you download the plugin to your desktop.

Ebates has different percentage cash back amounts for different stores. They cover most of the big retailers like Nordstrom, Topshop, Mango, Nike, ASOS and more.

Some retailers you can shop through with Ebates

It’s always on your browser toolbar, but each time you decide to get a little spendy-spendy and feel like doing some online shopping, you click the ‘activate now’ button so that each time you checkout of a store, the percentage cash back from that particular store will be put into your Ebates account.

Each month you’ll be paid out. So it’s like a discount all the time.

Cross Checking

This one is pretty straightforward, but has saved me quite a lot of cash-munayyy. It all comes down to research!

One of my greatest victories comes in the form of these Adidas x Pharrell Williams ‘Hu’ tennis sneakers.

Original price from the Adidas site is $110. Macy’s had a sale for $49.98! Need I say more?

You can apply this technique to clothing items as well as a lot of beauty products because bigger retailers, like Nordstrom and Macy’s, hold a large number of brands and often have sitewide sales.

You just gotta look in the right places!

First Purchase Discounts

If brands are smart, they’ll try hook you in at the first chance they can. Here’s where this tip applies.

When you get onto a site for the first time, it’ll look something like this…

See that promo code right there. At the bottom. Screaming your name. Well, give them your email and get on it!

They’ll send you your discount and voila, you’re on the way to save 10%. Although it’s not much, it’s still saving. At the end of the day, sometimes keeping that $2 is all it takes to feel a little better about yourself, amiright?!

If you’re desperate for more 10-20% off purchases (depending on each site), just give different emails or create new ones. Girls gotta do what they gotta do.

Online Promo Codes & Coupons

Coupons sounds lame, but in actuality, are far from lame. Anything that saves cash money doesn’t deserve that label.

There are two ways to go about finding promo codes and coupons.

1. Google it – duh.

Type in: the store you’re searching for + coupons to see if there is current vouchers.

Amazon promo codes & coupons

2. Go to sites that are dedicated to consolidating promos and coupons like

The have a wide assortment of stores from Bed Bath & Beyond to Macy’s.

Then grab the offer, and apply at checkout!

So those are my little online shopping hacks. Anything to save some coin goes a long way. Moral of the story is: be patient. We don’t need many things right away. If we wait a little while you might be rewarded for your patience with an unexpected sale. Also, do your research. There are so many retailers out there selling the same thing and all want your business, so give it to the most deserving (aka cheapest) bidder!