7 Affordable and Effective Beauty Products from Asia


7. Mizon’s Apple Smoothie Peeling Gel

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When was the last time you used a beauty exfoliator, only to realize the granules are irritating your skin?

Fortunately, this gommage peel is gentle, non-irritating, and does wonders in sloughing off dead skin cells and dry or flaky patches that are hanging on for dear life. The scent slightly resembles green apples and has a watery consistency, when you pour a small amount onto your fingertips and rub in small circles you’ll notice all the unwanted dead skin come off to unveil baby-soft skin underneath.


The surge of beauty products from Asia with a plethora of benefits introduced to the market can make it seem daunting to find the gems that are worth investing in. The truth is that quality skincare doesn’t always come cheap.

If you’re already a skincare guru, you might even be on the hunt to further expand your skincare routine and give it a serious upgrade, whilst giving your skin a boost of TLC.

Whatever the reason, here is a list of some the top skincare products from Korea and Japan, arguably the leaders in the beauty industry, that are not only affordable but super effective.