If you are looking for some fun and easy DIY project to do this Fall, then you must try this leather pouch making kit. This craft package contains all the materials and tools you need to make a cute leather pouch, so you can create it effortlessly even if you have zero experience in sewing.

Hand-Sewn Leather Pouch


Leather Pouch Making Kit


  1. Take the two pieces of leather and place them together with the inside part out and put the fringe piece on the bottom between the two pieces, make sure you line up the sewing holes.
  2. Thread the needle, start sewing on one side of the leather bag, after that side is done, move on to sewing the bottom and the other side, a basic bag shape should form by now.leather
  3. Flip the bag inside out, take the leather strap and thread it through the holes around the sides of the bag.leather
  4. Insert beads onto both sides of the strap and tie a knot to secure it. Finish off with a knot on top.leather
  5. This leather pouch is great for carrying your headphones, change or accessories, and makes an excellent accentuation to your fall outfits.leather


Video Tutorial


Follow our video tutorial above and check out our end results!
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